The leaders pass the Lazio exam: 3-1. Bitonto, City of Falconara and Pescara win. The Kick Off spreads 5-2 in the final in the Sky Match against Statte

    Serie A Puro Bio and its five sisters. The big names in women’s futsal make no mistake on the seventh day of an exciting but above all balanced regular season given that the top five are enclosed in just three points.


    TikiTaka Francavilla defends the primacy conquered last week by passing the Lazio exam with full marks, settled 3-1 thanks to the usual flicker of a Tampa with 17 goals in just seven days, by Aurora Gerardi and, after the momentary Lazio goal signed by Siclari by Leticia Martin Cortes. Behind the Abruzzo tread follow Bitonto and Città di Falconara, arm in arm. One has an easy life against that VIP Tombolo defeat 7-1 with Renatinha who takes home the ball for his hat trick, the other redeems himself by filing the stop in Pescara and imposing himself 5-2 on Rovigo Orange: Pato Dal on the shields ‘Maz, scorer of a hat-trick. Fourth place always in the hands of a Pescara ok 4-0 ahead of Irpinia. In fifth place is the Kick Off.


    Riccardo Russo’s All Blacks win 5-2 in the very classic against Statte, broadcast by Sky Sport. A much more balanced challenge than what the final result says. It goes to the interval with the tarantine ahead 1-0 thanks to goals by Bruninha. The Kick Off reverses the result with the one-two Ghirardi-Gaby Vannelli, who however does not knock out a Statte who finds the 2-2 again with Bruninha, halfway through the second half. Match decided in the final by the 3-0 run by Stegius (brace) and Gaby Vanelli. Three heavy points for Pelletterie: Pamela Presto’s team won 2-0 in the safety match against Fondi, Pia Gomez and Queiroz scored.


    These are the results of the seventh day: PSB Irpinia-Pescara Female 0-4, Audace Verona-Female Molfetta 3-2, Bitonto-Vip 7-1, Città Di Falconara-Rovigo Orange 5-2, Tikitaka Francavilla-Lazio 3-1, Vis Fondi-Pelletterie 0-2, Kick Off-Italcave Real Statte 5-2. Ranking: Francavilla 19, Bitonto and Falconara 18, Pescara 17, Kick Off 16, Lazio 10, Audace Verona 9, Irpinia 7, Pelletterie and VIP Tombolo 6, Statte 5, Molfetta and Rovigo 4, Vis Fondi 0.