From Sunday the sun will be present, temperatures climb to 14 degrees during the Easter holidays | Interior

So first a soaking wet and windy Saturday to struggle through, then there are signs of improvement. The disturbance is pushed away to the south, giving the sun free rein.

“On Monday and Tuesday we will continue to benefit from the high pressure area, but it will not get really hot,” says Frank Duboccage in his weather talk. “Forget 15 or 20 degrees, it will be more like 11 to 12 degrees. At night we only just get above freezing. On Wednesday there will be more clouds again, with maybe a drop of precipitation.” Friday will be the top day with 14 degrees, but unfortunately there will be little sun to be seen.

If you are tired of the chilly start of spring in our country, it is better to head to the south of Spain. In Seville, for example, 28 degrees is expected, a temperature that we can only dream of now.