The 21-year-old who had played in the Viola youth team as a second striker attempted to steal a 1000 euro customer and a Rolex

    The story was told by Corriere della Sera and has as its protagonist a – failed – promise of football, which ended up in the spotlight not for the exploits on the pitch, but outside. The story is that of Idriss Ben Moussa, 21, a former purple promise, who would be registered as an escort on the site “”. The boy lives in Florence, but the fact happened in Rome because he would have been contacted by a customer from the capital: train, 100 euros in exchange for a service and return home. But something went wrong.

    fight and arrest

    In detail, on Thursday night in Piazza Euclide, during the payment meeting, Ben Moussa would come to blows with a customer, to snatch an envelope with a thousand euros inside, the iPhone headphones and the Rolex. At that point the agents of the Prati police station intervened, since the fight did not take place inside an apartment, from which the two had left, but in the car: the boy, born in Florence of Moroccan parents, was arrested . At the end of the trial by direct line, Idriss returned free at the request of the prosecutor Mario Pesci without any kind of precautionary measure after the validation of the arrest. The player, the second striker, said during the hearing that he would be planning a match next week to sign a professional contract with Fiorentina, but there is no confirmation anywhere.