Formula 1 is still aiming for a return to Africa.

    “It’s a very clear goal: Africa will come back and hopefully be on our calendar very soon,” Stefano Domenicali, managing director of the racing series, told Sky TV.

    In March 1993, the course in Kyalami, South Africa, was last contested for world championship points. The later record world champion Michael Schumacher took third place in this Grand Prix behind Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

    The Italian Domenicali had already met with those responsible for the track this year and talked about a possible return next year. However, it doesn’t come to that. Africa is missing from the racing calendar for 2023.

    “Are there other places in Africa that are interested in Formula 1?”

    It is still unclear whether Formula 1 will really start again in Kyalami or whether there may be another solution.

    “The only thing I can say after the first contact with Kyalami is that there are other places in Africa that are interested in Formula 1,” said Domenicali, without naming specific locations.

    It’s generally about “having the right financial resources, but also about preparing the place for the weekend that we want to host there,” he said.