Former footballer Michael Dingsdag about rude behavior at Ajax: “Steijn has to show it”

Michael Dingsdag (trainer Jong Volendam) and sports journalist Theo Brinkman (NHD) are guests in football talk show De Aftrap tonight. Dingsdag worked at NAC Breda at the same time as the current Ajax trainer Maurice Steijn. He says about Ajax’s bad start: “At Ajax you are dealing with roosters. You have to know how to manage that. They say that Steijn is a people managementr is. Well, he has to show that now.”

Yet the 40-year-old Dingsdag is not very pessimistic. According to him, a trainer must be given the time to forge a team. The same applies to the disappointing performances in the first competition weeks of Telstar and FC Volendam. “Supporters want to see victories. I understand the reaction, but if you panic after three games, you have taken the wrong path at the front.”

“Volendam can draw hope from last season,” Brinkman adds. “You know it could turn around at some point.”

In the second episode of the Kratje Trap section, it is Sporting Martinus’ turn tonight to achieve the highest possible score. You can see in this broadcast whether they succeed in knocking Alcmaria Victrix out of first place. If you would like to participate in this game, please send an email to [email protected] stating “Crate Trap”. Who knows, reporter Erik-Jan Brinkman may also visit your team.

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