Football, Serie A: Juventus Turin gets fined for other tricks

Status: 05/30/2023 4:54 p.m

No further point deduction, but a fine: Juventus Turin has been sanctioned again for illegalities and financial tricks in the payment of salaries. The minor penalty is conditional.

At least no further point deduction, but a fine: The Italian top club Juventus Turin has been sanctioned again for illegalities and financial tricks in the payment of salaries. The sports court of the football association FIGC to a fine of around 718,000 euros.

This was announced after the club’s lawyers and prosecutors from the FIGC agreed on a deal. In addition to the fine, this stipulates that the former series champion accepts the judgment in a different procedure and thus a point deduction of ten points in Serie A.

Can Juventus play in Europe next season?

Juve will therefore end the current championship outside of the Champions League places and will not be able to take part in the European premier class in autumn. With one game to go, the northern Italians are in seventh place, which still entitles them to start in the UEFA Conference League. However, observers suspect that the European association could still ban the competition because of the sports legal proceedings against Juventus.

Seven Juve managers fined

The negotiated case concerned the payment of player salaries at the beginning of the corona pandemic. In spring 2020, Juve officially negotiated a salary waiver for four months with all professionals – including top earner Cristiano Ronaldo – and presented this offensively as a sign of solidarity. The approximately 90 million euros saved were booked in the balance sheet. Secretly, however, the club is said to have agreed with the professionals to covertly reimburse three of the four monthly salaries that were initially withheld in the next financial year.

In addition to the club, seven Juve managers from the time were fined from 10,000 euros to 47,000 euros. Only former President Andrea Agnelli did not agree to a settlement – negotiations are continuing against him, and a hearing is scheduled for June 15.

Points deducted due to falsified market values

Just last week, Juventus was sentenced to a deduction of ten points in the current league season. The case was about the fact that the club falsified the market values ​​of its players for years and thereby embellished the books in transfers or barter transactions with other clubs. Juve could have appealed the verdict to the highest sports court in Italy – the agreement in the second case means that the step is waived.