• 48


    Dani Ceballos clears Vinícius Júnior well on the left, the Brazilian only has Savić in front of him. He also puts the ball past this, but then tries to flay a free kick with a clumsy swallow. He’s lucky that he didn’t get a warning for that.

  • 46


    Then it goes on. Both teams came out of the dressing room unchanged, as is well known, Real Madrid already had to make a change in the first round.

  • 46


    Kick-off 2nd half

  • 45


    Mid-term conclusion:
    Then there is a break, Atlético leads 1-0 at Real Madrid. This lead is okay, the royals seem pomadig and hardly get anything going forward. A good combination, on the other hand, gave the Colchoneros the lead, and they also defend as cleverly as usual. If the hosts are not to be eliminated in the quarter-finals, they have to improve significantly. See you soon.

  • 45


    End of 1st half

  • 45


    Camavinga takes over from replaced Mendy at left back, while Dani Ceballos moves into midfield. That’s not the Frenchman’s parade position, but there is a lack of alternatives in the squad.

  • 45


    Two minutes are replayed in the first round. Is there anything left for Real Madrid before the break?

  • 45


    Official injury time (minutes): 2

  • 44


    Rodrigo DePaul

    Yellow card for Rodrigo De Paul (Atlético Madrid)

    For a tactical offense in the opposing half, de Paul sees the first yellow card of the game. The world champion wasn’t particularly clever there, as there were enough teammates behind the ball.

  • 44


    Then it’s time, Mendy can be replaced, even though he’s been out for a long time. Dani Ceballos is now there for him.

  • 44


    Daniel Ceballos

    Substitution at Real Madrid: Dani Ceballos

  • 44


    Ferland Mendy

    Substitution at Real Madrid: Ferland Mendy

  • 43


    The game hasn’t seen a stoppage for quite some time, leaving Real Madrid with a man down for a long time. Atlético can’t really use the whole thing.

  • 41


    With a man more on the field because Mendy is already out, the Colchoneros can also get a hold of the opposing penalty area. Ultimately, Correa found no buyers with his cross from the right.

  • 39


    Mendy injured his thigh in one of these duels and had to be treated. It seems that the left-back can’t go any further.

  • 38


    After a few intense duels, the atmosphere boils up a bit, but Cesar Sotto Grado lets a lot go and still gets by without a card. Koke in particular complained intensely to the referee afterwards, but he calmly put up with it.

  • 36


    Camavinga loses the ball in the center in a promising position against Griezmann and is lucky that he gets a foul called. The Atlético player rightly complains.

  • 33


    At Atlético it’s always the same pattern. This time, de Paul chips from the center to the left into the penalty area to Lemar, who, similar to Molina, tries to score with a direct cross. But the pass is a bit too long, so Álvaro Morata cannot reach the play area in the middle.

  • 31


    The first big chance for the hosts! Kroos flanks the ball from the left to the far corner in the following free kick, initially no player including Oblak can reach it. Eder Militão is then on the spot at the second post, but falls back slightly and heads over it in distress. There was a lot more in there.

  • 30


    The most conspicuous player in Los Blancos is Vinícius Júnior. Now he lets Savić get out on the left of the penalty area, but is fouled by him. A good free-kick position for Real Madrid.

  • 29


    In particular, the balls from Koke’s headquarters have a lot of quality at Atlético. In this way, they keep the hosts going and create spaces that Molina in particular has been able to use so far. This time, however, the cross ended up in Courtois’ arms.

  • 27


    Vinícius Júnior beats de Paul on the left with a good dribble. However, he puts the ball too far in front of himself, which is why it tumbles into the side. The Brazilian would have broken through.

  • 25


    After almost 25 minutes, Real Madrid recorded the first goal. Valverde tries from 20 meters in the middle, but the low shot is not a problem for Oblak.

  • 24


    The hosts aren’t really up to speed yet. But that will be necessary if you want to put Atlético’s tightly staggered defense under pressure.

  • 22


    This is the typical game of the guests, who are deep and then want to score goals with quick counterattacks. Of course, it works even better with the leadership in the back. How do the royals react to this blow to the neck?

  • 19


    Alvaro Morata

    Tooor for Atlético Madrid, 0: 1 by Álvaro Morata

    Atlético is freezing. Koke plays a good lob right into the box on Molina after de Paul and Correa had combined forward, centrally in front of the penalty area. He places the play equipment directly in the middle of Álvaro Morata, who has run along, who only needs to push it in from a few meters. Real Madrid slept collectively.

  • 18


    But the first conclusion of the game belongs to the Colchoneros. Correa takes heart 20 meters from the half-right position, but the play equipment goes flat several meters to the left. Courtois calmly looks on.

  • 16


    After a corner kick from the right, Kroos lets Griezmann out on the right corner of the box, but is unlucky to slip on the wet grass. That would have been a good shooting position for the German.

  • 13.


    Again, it’s a guest error that invites Real Madrid. Vinícius Júnior plays a very good low pass from the left right into the penalty area to Modrić, who has run with him. At the last moment, Mario Hermoso can intervene with his long leg, otherwise it would have been a top chance.

  • 11.


    Real Madrid took control of the game after the first hesitant minutes. Atlético is extremely low, waiting behind the center line for the hosts. The royals are currently letting the ball circulate calmly through their own ranks.

  • 9.


    The first good chance belongs to the Royals. Griezmann plays a bad pass in the build-up, Vinícius Júnior can use Benzema on the left side of the penalty area. This, in turn, plays again at the penalty spot to Vinícius Júnior, who fails to accept the ball. He would have shot free in front of Oblak, but the goalkeeper only has to pick up the ball like this.

  • 6.


    Álvaro Morata cleverly turns around Rüdiger in the penalty area, but he gets back into the duel and clears the corner. This standard also remains harmless.

  • 4.


    Modrić and Eder Militão play their way through nicely on the right, the Brazilian eventually winning a corner. But this does not pose any danger.

  • 3.


    The first attacking efforts come from the guests, but the precision is still missing. A pass from Griezmann into the penalty area to Álvaro Morata is too long and therefore goes outside the goal.

  • 1.


    Then the ball rolls. Atlético has started.

  • 1.


    game start

  • 20:57

    But now back to sports. Because at this moment the teams are stepping onto the lawn together with referee Cesar Sotto Grado. The game can start in a few minutes.

  • 20:56

    The game is overshadowed by an ugly action this Thursday. Unknown persons hung a doll with Vinicus Junior’s jersey on a bridge. Both clubs, as well as the press and politicians, condemned the “racist attack”. The investigation is still ongoing.

  • 20:52

    The long history of duels between the two clubs speaks against this. Real Madrid won 100 of 192 games in all competitions, while the Colchoneros only won 47. They last met in the cup in 2015, back then in the round of 16. Atlético won 4-2 on aggregate. In La Liga, however, Real Madrid have lost just one of their last ten games against their rivals. So Diego Simeone will be hoping for a repeat of cup history.

  • 20:36

    Most recently, the royal team won two games in a row. However, a good portion of luck was needed against Villarreal and Bilbao. In addition, the defeat against Barcelona in the Supercopa hurts. Not only in these games has it been shown that Real Madrid is defensively vulnerable this season. However, the offensive is not the great strength of Atlético, who traditionally rely on a good defense under Diego Simeone. They also recently had two goalless wins against Valladolid and Levante. Can this series continue today?

  • 20:23

    Real Madrid are the clear favorites in this Derby Madrileno, in La Liga they are already ten points ahead of their rivals in second place. Of course, the trophy is a completely different matter. For Atlético this competition is probably the only chance for a title this season. Accordingly, the guests should be motivated today.

  • 20:05

    To start, let’s take a look at the lineups. Coach Carlo Ancelotti made two changes to his team compared to the last competitive game. Dani Ceballos and Asensio rotate out, Modrić and Kroos come into the starting XI, Valverde moves up a position and occupies the wing. With Lucas Vázquez, Hazard, Tchouaméni, Dani Carvajal and Alaba, the royal hospital is full. Atlético coach Diego Simeone also makes two changes to his team. Savić and de Paul are there for Witsel and Marcos Llorente. Only Marcos Llorente is absent from the guests because of a muscle injury. New signing Depay is back in the squad, and Carrasco is also behind after injury.

  • 20:00

    Welcome to the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, which is also a derby between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Kick-off at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is at 21:00!

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