Mid-term conclusion:
    Break at the Bremen Bridge! After 45 minutes, Hallesche FC leads 2-1 in the basement duel at VfL Osnabrück. Halle got off to a lightning start and after four minutes they took the lead with the first shot on goal through Zimmerschied. The purple-whites reacted well and equalized through Wulff (22′). However, the guests immediately struck back: Hug was fouled by Traoré in the penalty area, and Kreuzer confidently converted the penalty (24′). As a result, Osnabrück was the better team, but had few compelling chances. We are curious how things will continue after the change of sides. See you soon!



    There’s another 60 seconds on top.



    Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



    Good chance for Osnabrück! Niemann puts the ball to the left in the box to Engelhardt, who immediately wants to pull away from an acute angle. But Casar has his leg in between and blocks the shot.



    After contact with Landgraf in the penalty area, Niemann goes down and wants a penalty. The referee allows play to continue. Tricky scene, because a hit on the foot can already be seen.



    Nice interaction between Steczyk and Kreuzer on the right flank. In the end, the cross from the penalty taker is too shallow and is cleared by the Osnabrück defense.



    It’s almost five minutes until the break. Do the guests take the 2-1 into the dressing room?



    Now Wulff makes speed on the right wing and crosses sharply to the near post. Engelhardt extended the cross just past the left of the goal.



    Osnabrück tries to fight its way into the game. However, Niemann’s cross from the left half field is too unplaced and is safely caught out of the air by Mesenhöler.



    Double chance for the HFC! Steczyk sends Zimmerschied into the box with a through ball. Adamczyk is able to parry the flat finish from 15 meters before Nietfeld brings the ball sharply into the center again. But the second degree is blocked at the last moment for a corner.



    However, Noel Niemann put the free kick due into the wall.



    Jannes Vollert

    Yellow card for Jannes Vollert (Hallescher FC)

    Vollert brings down Wulff with a tackle in front of the penalty area. There is yellow and a free kick from 23 meters half-left position.



    The game is not yet running for VfL. There were exactly 123 seconds between the Osnabrück equalizer and Halle taking the lead again.



    Nicholas Kreuzer

    Tooor for Hallescher FC, 1:2 by Niklas Kreuzer

    Kreuzer takes responsibility, loads keeper Adamczyk and hits the bottom right to lead the guests again!



    There is penalty for the Halle FC! Hug pulls into the box from the left. Traoré lets his foot stand in a duel and brings the Halle player down. Sure thing, penalty.



    Jannes Wulff

    Tooor for VfL Osnabrück, 1:1 by Jannes Wulff

    Osnabrück comes out of nowhere to compensate! VfL conquered the ball in counter-pressing on the left and immediately switched to the offensive. Niemann takes Wulff with him in the centre, who takes a few steps with the ball and hits the left corner with a dry low shot from 22 yards out!



    A conclusion for Osnabrück. Engelhardt’s attempt from the second row misses a good bit to the right.



    With a chip in the Osnabrück penalty area, Adamczyk and Nietfeld only have eyes for the ball and therefore collide. But it goes on for both players.



    Good attack by the HFC. Kreuzer drives the ball forward down the right side, sending Herzog to the baseline. His low cross steers Steczyk at the near post in the direction of the goal, but Adamczyk is down quickly and is able to parry.



    Now an offensive push by the hosts. Kleinhansl moves forward from the left, but his cross lacks the necessary precision, which is why Halle can defend the situation.



    A conceivably unfavorable start for VfL. How do the hosts, who are now looked after by Tim Danneberg on the sidelines, react to the early setback?



    Gyamfi catches the goalscorer straight-leg in the center circle and is lucky not to be booked.



    Tom Zimmerscheid

    Tooor for Hallescher FC, 0:1 by Tom Zimmerschied

    With the first shot on goal, the HFC takes the lead! A cross from the left side is not cleared by Osnabrück from its own penalty area, which is why Herzog can head back at the penalty spot. Zimmerschied is free 20 meters from the goal and puts the ball perfectly into the left corner from a central position.



    The ball rolls. Osnabrück kicked off in purple and white, while Halle is in white and red.


    The referee of the game is Marc Philip Eckermann. He will be assisted by Felix Prigan and Vincent Schöller.


    Meanwhile, Halle’s coach Meyer is making two changes to the starting eleven. After the win against Bayreuth, Mesenhöler and Steczyk replaced Gebhardt and Müller in the starting line-up.


    Let’s look at the line-ups: Osnabrück has three personnel changes compared to the Elversberg game. Wulff, Gyamfi and Engelhardt play instead of Kunze, Simakala (both on the bench) and Köhler (banned).


    The guests from Halle are also in the bottom of the table, but after the 3-0 success in the last game against Bayreuth, they travel to Osnabrück with self-confidence. The Halle team have now been unbeaten for three games and definitely want to continue the series at Bremer Brücke. Because coach André Meyer also knows that the HFC structure is still fragile: “The situation hasn’t changed fundamentally.” In addition, the most recent record against Osnabrück does not exactly speak for the HFC: In the last four meetings they remained without a win.


    VfL Osnabrück started the new season as the supposed top team and after 13 games has now arrived in the relegation battle. The purple-whites changed coaches early in the season, but the turnaround doesn’t really work under Tobias Schweinsteiger either. Most recently, it was three defeats in a row for VfL. Schweinsteiger also saw a red card in the 4-1 draw against Elversberg and will therefore be suspended today. “We didn’t reward ourselves as much as we could have. It’s also a matter of the mind how you deal with the negative results. That’s why we’re hoping for the support of our fans,” Osnabrück’s coach said on club TV before the game.


    Welcome to the Monday game in the 3rd division! At 7 p.m., VfL Osnabrück welcomes Hallesche FC at the end of the 14th matchday at Bremer Brücke.