2022 was a painful turning point for the Foo Fighters in their stellar career to date. After Taylor Hawkins died unexpectedly during the South American tour in March, Dave Grohl and his fellow musicians initially withdrew completely from the public to mourn and process what had happened. No one in the band has been able or willing to comment on the future of the Foo Fighters – until now. A statement by the group at the end of the year cleared up the speculation.

    Foo Fighters on their future: ‘We know we’ll be a different band without Taylor’

    In a post on their social channels, the Foo Fighters have stated that they want to continue as a band. Even though “we know that we will be a different band without Taylor”.

    The statement is also a thank you to the many fans who draw a lot of strength from the music of the Foo Fighters and who were a great support for the band in 2022: “The Foo Fighters were founded 27 years ago to embody the healing power of music . And over the past 27 years, our fans have built a global community, a devoted support system that has helped us all get through the darkest of times together.”

    Foo Fighters: Live shows already planned?

    “As we say goodbye to the most difficult and tragic year our band has ever known, we are reminded of our gratitude for the people we love and cherish most. And for those who are no longer with us.” Without Taylor, they would not have become the band they are today. “We also know that you meant as much to Taylor as you did to him. And we know that when we see you again – and we will soon – he will be there in spirit with all of us every night.”

    When this reunion will take place, in what form they will return and who will be on the drums in the future – the Foo Fighters still leave these questions unanswered for the time being.

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