At least five police officers were “seriously injured” during a demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in London. Twelve people have been arrested by the police for the violence.

    The demonstrators protested against the death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old woman was arrested in Tehran on September 13 by the vice squad for wearing “inappropriate clothing”. She was allegedly beaten up on the way to the police station and then died. However, according to the police, it was a natural death. Since then, protests have broken out everywhere.

    People have also taken to the streets in London in recent days, in mostly peaceful demonstrations. The mood changed on Sunday. A crowd was seen on social media chanting “death to the Islamic Republic”. “The majority of those present continued to behave responsibly, but a significant group sought to confront the police and protesters with whom they disagreed,” Scotland Yard said in a press release on Sunday evening. Additional security forces were deployed, according to the London police.

    bone fractures

    The demonstrators moved from the embassy to the areas of Marble Arch and Maida Vale, where the Islamic Center of England was attacked. The police managed to keep the demonstrators out, but were pelted. Five officers ended up in hospital, mostly with broken bones, police said.

    A total of 12 arrests were made for taking part in violent disturbances. But police say more arrests are likely to follow based on video footage.

    A demonstration in Paris also threatened to get out of hand. Police had to use tear gas as thousands of protesters tried to reach the Iranian embassy.