The first asylum seekers have arrived at the reception ship in Velsen-Noord. The judge decided this afternoon that the reception on the ship can continue. According to the ruling, the importance of the emergency reception of asylum seekers outweighs that of the entrepreneurs, who find the site too unsafe for habitation.

    Gerrit de Vries, one of the entrepreneurs who find the environment unsuitable, has not changed his mind. The municipality has taken measures to make the location more suitable for reception. “These measures are good measures,” says de Vries. “Only those do not make the location more or less suitable.”

    Around 5.45 pm the first asylum seekers arrived at the reception ship. The COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) expected last week that the first residents could come today, but had to wait and see this afternoon’s lawsuit.

    Objection procedure municipality

    The municipality of Velsen and COA do get a little slap on the fingers of the judge about how the correct sequence of things had been: first the environmental permit and only then the ship, instead of the other way around.

    “I understand that those people have to be housed,” De Vries continues. “I would grant them that it happens in a suitable location and that is not the case here.” A retention procedure is still ongoing at the municipality regarding an enforcement request from the entrepreneurs. They also ask for more police in the area. “We can still appeal the decision that follows from the municipality.”

    Earlier, De Vries announced that he would not appeal against the judge’s ruling.