Finland brings out the problem with their warm-up shirts.

    Huhkajat will face Romania at the Olympic Stadium today. In the photo, the Finnish team is preparing for the Bosnia and Herzegovina international match in June. Kimmo Brandt/AOP

    In August-September, Palloliitto conducted an e-mail survey in which 800 16-20-year-old soccer players participated. According to the answers, 62 percent of young soccer players have experienced or observed inappropriate or discriminatory behavior in the sport.

    The sad number can be seen in tonight’s international match against Romania, when the Finnish team steps onto the grass of the Olympic Stadium to prepare for the match. During the warm-up, the cheerleaders wear a shirt with the number 62 on the back.

    The Nations League match between Finland and Romania starts at 21:45.

    Rive pays respect

    90 percent of those who responded to the survey felt that the football operating environment was somewhat or very safe, and the study did not reveal any acts that violated physical integrity. However, five percent of the respondents felt unsafe in football.

    – It’s a tough place for a young person if they face criticism or scorn in a hobby that is important to them. I find it particularly reprehensible if the coach or adult spectators behave this way. True sports culture includes respect for the opponent, even in a tight spot, Huuhkajie’s head coach Markku Kanerva reminds in the announcement.