Fight may be the reason for the death of Hoofddorp tattoo artist Steve

Two days after his funeral, the police come with new information about the death of the Hoofddorp tattoo artist Steve Mahakena. The well-known entrepreneur who was found dead in an apartment on the Egholm on March 7 may have fought just before that.

Apartment Egholm where tattoo artist Steve was found seriously injured – Own photo/NH News

“This is evident from the injuries of the victim,” the police said on the Opsporing Requested program. People who saw or heard things that could indicate a fight in the night of March 6 to 7 are called on to share their information with the police. “We are also asking people who know anything about any conflict Steve Mahakena may have had to come forward.”

The police would also like to speak to anyone who was near the Egholm on the evening of March 6 between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. or saw Steve somewhere around that time.


The police are still completely in the dark about what exactly happened that night. Until tonight, she didn’t say much about the case. Earlier it was also not officially confirmed that the victim is Steve Mahakena.

A police mobile unit stood next to the flat for days after Steve’s death. The Large-Scale Investigation Team conducted extensive research in the apartment where his body was found. The tattoo artist himself did not live there. The occupant of the house was questioned, but has not been arrested.

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The police also provide some more personal information about Steve Mahakena. The man lived with his father and had no relationship. He did have two children from a previous marriage.

Shock wave

Steve’s death sent shockwaves through the region. Family members, acquaintances, customers and fellow shopkeepers told NH News that they were devastated by the news. Steve was co-owner of a tattoo parlor in the De Symfonie shopping center in Nieuw-Vennep and one in Amsterdam. He was much loved.

Owner of a Surinamese eatery in De Symfonie Johnny Scott talks emotionally about his bond with Steve.

Retailers of the De Symfonie shopping center mourn tattoo artist Steve – NH News

NH News also spoke to Steve’s customers, which are sometimes covered from top to bottom with tattoos of his hand. Twenty-year-old Milan Roest (photo below) actually had to have his sleeve finished by Steve.

Unfinished sleeve by Milan Roest (20), set by Steve Makahena – Own photos