Fever Ray will play an exclusive concert in Germany in 2023. On April 4th, according to the plan, she will appear in Cologne’s E-Werk – presented by the Musikexpress.

    Fever Ray live in Germany 2023:

    For more information and tickets, visit www.goodliveartists.com.


    The concert announcement follows just a few days after another: After more than six years, Fever Ray announced a new record entitled RADICAL ROMANTICS on Thursday (November 10th), which is due to be released on March 10th, 2023.

    In this context, the artist has shared a new foretaste of the work with “Carbon Dioxide”. RADICAL ROMANTICS was produced by her brother and former duo partner at The Knife, which broke up in 2014.

    The hard facts about the forthcoming album

    Karin Dreijer, the woman behind Fever Ray, claims to have been working on her new work since 2019. In addition to Olof Dreijer, the cast included Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from Nine Inch Nails, Portuguese DJ and producer Nídia, Peder Mannerfelt from Roll the Dice and producers Pär Grindviks and Vessel.

    The single “What They Call Us” was released before “Carbon Dioxide”. Dreijer wanted to use the song to describe “the feeling of being in love”, according to a press release. The music video is here:

    RADICAL ROMANTICS track listing

    1. “What They Call Us”
    2. “shivers”
    3. “New Utensils”
    4. “Kandy”
    5. “Even It Out”
    6. “Looking for a Ghost”
    7. “Carbon Dioxide”
    8. “North”
    9. “Tapping Fingers”
    10. “Bottom of the Ocean”

    Their latest album PLINGE was released in 2017. Our review is here.