Fernando Burlando: from the Báez Sosa case to participating in a reality show

The media lawyer Fernando Burlandowill be part of a group of famous Argentines who will be part of a new reality show telef. After representing the parents of Fernando Baez Sosa in the case that sentenced to life imprisonment 5 of the rugby players who beat the young man to death at the exit of a nightclub in Villa Gesell 3 years ago, a case in which the lawyer displayed all his experience and influence in the media, now, when rumors of a possible candidacy for Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires grow day by day, he seeks to continue with his exhibition as part of “The Challenge”a survival program hosted by Marley.

Mocking, the same one who at the time openly defended the murderers of the photojournalist Jose Luis Cabezas, continues to seek to whiten his image before society. And with the support of javier milei and the militants of the Federal Integration Movement (MIF)puts chips in the possibility of being the next holder of the Buenos Aires Executive Power.

The Challenge Argentina, The Challenge, is based on a successful MTV original reality show that for more than two decades has premiered 38 seasons and originated multiple spin-offs. The premiere of the program will take place next Monday, February 13 on Telefe. The renowned conductor Marley will be the brand new host of this production that unites reality and sports.

The media lawyer will star alongside Sol Pérez, Rodrigo Mora, Floppy Tesouro, Lizardo Ponce, Jujuy Jiménez, Lionel Ferro, Benjamín Alfonso, María Fernanda Callejón, Rodrigo Cascón, Oky Appo, Virginia Elizalde, Julieta Puente, Yeyo De Gregorio, Claudia Albertario, Eva Bargiela, Carolina Duer and Adrian Cormillot from the program hosted by Mirko’s father.

“It begins on Monday, February 13, on the Telefe screen, at night. It’s great because there are 18 celebrities who live in a giant house, and they have to do a lot of physical tests. In the first program there is already a winning couple and a losing couple. The losing couple in the second program already faces off in the elimination arena with another couple who choose the winners. The program is very fast”, explained the presenter on the television program of Georgina Barbarossa.

The Challenge Argentina, The Challenge with Marley

The format was credited as the pioneer reality show and creator of physical competitions on TV and was named by buzzfeed as “the most influential reality show in the history of TV.” “The Challenge Argentina, The Challenge” which will be released in the local edition, will maintain the similarities of the original format, where physical competition and coexistence will be the main obstacles.

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