Preparations for the new season continue in Fenerbahçe. While a big and detailed planning was going on in the yellow and dark blue team, the roads were separated with 3 names. In the statement made, Fenerbahçe Football Academy Administrative Manager Kemal Aslan, U12 Team Technical Manager Zeki Gürbulak and Football Academy Teams Goalkeeper Trainer Erdem Bali were thanked.

    Fenerbahçe’s statement is as follows;

    We parted ways with Administrative Manager Kemal Aslan at Fenerbahçe Football Academy, Zeki Gürbulak, Technical Manager of our U12 Team, and Erdem Bali, Goalkeeper Coach of Football Academy Teams.

    Özgür Özaktaç, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for our Football Academy, and Tahir Karapınar, our Football Academy General Coordinator, presented plaques of appreciation to Kemal Aslan, Zeki Gürbulak and Erdem Bali for their work and efforts.

    We would like to thank them for their contributions to our Football Academy and wish them success in their future careers.