Fenerbahce Technical Director Jorge Jesus said, “We needed to be better. We dominated the game in the first half and we couldn’t dominate the result. The team’s performance got better with the changes in the second half. With the changes of the opponent, their game got worse.”
    Fenerbahce defeated LaLiga team Rayo Vallecano 3-1 in the friendly tournament organized by the Clubs Association Foundation between the World Cup. Making a statement at the press conference held after the match, Fenerbahçe Technical Director Jorge Jesus stated that they played better than the opponent, but they conceded an easy goal and said, “We had to be better. We dominated the game in the first half, we couldn’t dominate the result. With the changes in the second half, the team’s performance improved. With the changes of the opponent. “The game got worse. This made our job easier in the second half. It is always important to win, even if it is a friendly match. But it was not good to have an injury in the match. We will see what happens to Pedro, but this is a disappointing situation,” he said.

    Stating that the 5-week break given to the league will be good, Jesus said, “This break is important for the return of the injured. Our players, King, Mert Hakan Yandaş, who were injured before, played in this match. We have two injuries; Peres and Arda Güler. I hope his condition is not serious. He went to the hospital, the necessary tests will be done there. At least I am not informed about his condition at the moment,” he said.

    Speaking about the licenses of Lemos and Bruma, Jesus said, “Right now, Fenerbahçe’s quota is full due to the foreign border. Someone has to go for the transfer and the roster. Lemos played in this match because we don’t have much solution in that position. There were two young players; Yusuf and “Yiğit. Lemos hasn’t played for 5 months, this game played well, he had physical difficulties, but this is normal. We will look at the transfer season, but it is not easy. Someone has to go for them to be included in the squad. We will see what we will do during the transfer period. We may have problems in terms of numbers in the defense zone. Today.” We saw it. Serdar can be separated from the team from time to time due to injuries. Peres is injured. There are 5-6 strong teams like Fenerbahçe competing in Turkey. We are in the last 16 in Europe. This is the price of success. Maybe we wouldn’t have these injuries if we were successful and progressed. , it is a fact that we need to improve so that we have more solutions. It could be better in terms of flour development. There is no foreign rule in Portugal. But there are other rules. That’s why Portugal, despite having a population of 10 million, can bring out the best players and its teams can be at the forefront of the world rankings. Personally, I am of the opinion that; When you look at European and world football and top leagues, there are no such foreign restrictions. This limit exists in leagues such as Arabia and Turkey, which we can call low in quality. That’s why football is not developing. If you bring in quality players, they contribute. Infrastructure is important, opportunities and conditions should always be improved. Such details should be considered when managing Turkish football,” he said.

    Stating that they are working to improve the performances of Lemos and Bruma, Jesus said, “We are continuing our efforts for a higher level in order to correct our mistakes during the break in the league. This is how all teams can evaluate the gap. We will see the level when the league starts. This is part of our job. Every day, every day.” We continue to work to be better in training because we know that we can be better both individually and collectively.”

    About the performances of his players who participated in the World Cup, Jesus said, “Valencia scored 3 goals in 3 matches, performed well. He was not at a good level physically. “If he can’t get out, Batshuayi will join our team. The team needs these two players,” he said.

    Stating that he has 4 favorite teams in the World Cup, Jesus said, “Portugal, Brazil, France and Spain. Then come Argentina and England. These two are not at the same level as the others in terms of quality. Since there is a short-term, matched tour, anything can happen in this tournament. “I think it’s the best team,” he said.

    Stating that there are many players from the Al Hilal team, where he once served in the Saudi Arabian National Team, Jesus said, “13 players were called. In the Argentina match, 6 of the first 11 players were Al Hilal. I did not work with a goalkeeper. There is also a foreign restriction in Arabia. When I went, the player limit had increased from 5 to 7. This change had changed them in a positive way, it helped. There are good players in that league, too. The Argentina result did not surprise me. It has been a few years since they left. Their wins have nothing to do with me, so maybe their coach success. Maybe his ideas are the same as mine, he said.

    Speaking about the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jesus used the following statements:
    I totally understand the situation Ronaldo is in. We are both Portuguese, we have good bonds. Maybe Messi and Ronaldo are playing their last world cup right now. But there is no doubt that they are the two best players in the world. There are no other players at that level. There are those who are approaching their level, but I don’t think they are at that level. I think Ronaldo is an exemplary player to the world. He has no financial need, he has accomplished everything but plays with his first passion, hungry for success. This shows his love for football. Already the best football players in the world reach this level because of love. So did Pele and Maradona. So are Messi and Ronaldo. Others can reach their level in terms of quality, but I don’t think they can reach this point of view. Because there are other things in private life. They put football ahead of everything else in their lives. That’s why I think not every player can reach that level.”