Fenerbahce Beko and Real Madrid faced each other in the 11th week of THY EuroLeague. Our representative lost the fight with a score of 85-71. With this defeat, Fenerbahçe Beko’s 4-game winning streak in THY EuroLeague came to an end.


    In the first 5 minutes of the first period, the visiting team Real Madrid played a more effective game. Fenerbahce Beko responded with 7 points from Booker and 2 points from Metecan Birsen to the Spanish team’s points with Musa, Deck and Williams-Goss: 9-15. In the last section, the magenta-whites, who continued their good game especially with Deck and increased the gap to 14 points (11-25), finished the first period 25-16 superior.

    At the start of the second quarter, Fenerbahçe Beko, trying to respond to Real Madrid, reduced the gap to 5 points with the points they found with Motley, Melih and Edwards, but fell back 8 points with Llull’s three pointer in the last 5 minutes: 26-34. Despite the 8 points scored by Motley and Melih, the Spanish representative managed to stay ahead of the game by 12 points, leading 46-34.

    In the first part of the third quarter, the magenta-whites reached a 23-point lead, the highest difference in the game, with points from Musa, Tavares and Cornelie, who also scored three three-pointers: 41-64. Trying to close the gap again with Booker’s three-pointers, the yellow-dark blue team finished the third quarter behind 54-68 with a 14-point margin.

    Fenerbahce Beko, who were more effective at the start of the last quarter, reduced the lead to 11 points 5 minutes before the end of the match, with the points he found from Edwards, Metecan Birsen and Şehmus Hazer: 62-73. Despite the good plays of Melih Mahmutoğlu and Şehmus Hazer in the yellow-dark blue team towards the end of the match, Real Madrid regained the upper hand and became the winner of the field 85-71.

    – Fenerbahce Beko got their second defeat

    With this result, Fenerbahçe Beko continued to lead in the THY Europa League, despite being defeated for the second time after 11 matches. Real Madrid, on the other hand, achieved their 8th win after 11 matches.

    Fenerbahce Beko, who was deprived of Bjelica, Wilbekin, Pierre and Guduric, who had parquet injuries, scored 20 points, Booker 15 points and Melih Mahmutoğlu 10 points, while the other players remained in single digits.

    In Real Madrid, Musa contributed 18 points, Tavares 17 and Deck 12 points.

    On the other hand, the European League President Dejan Bodiroga, Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç and Fenerbahçe Football A Team Coach Jorge Jesus watched the match.