No.on only prevention and follow-up for the breast cancer. L’Association Dragonflies Onlusfounded in 2015 by Female doctor Paola Martinoni, breast surgeon and oncologist, inaugurates her on 24 September new multi-specialist headquarters in Milan to follow women’s health in all its variables.

    Libellule Onlus: a multi-specialist health and wellness center

    In addition to breast diagnostics, it will be possible book visits of gynecology, cardiology, dermatology, physiological regulating medicine, nutrition, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, osteopathy, endocrinology, psychopedagogy. But given that health must be framed in its complexity, without neglecting theemotional, affective and, why not, aesthetic aspectin the new location it will be possible participate in events, internships with nutritionists and dieticians, physiotherapy and massage treatmentscourses of yoga and Pilates.

    And again, lessons of makeup and hairstyling, DIY and cooking… A multi-specialist and integrated approach with the contribution of all doctors and operators who follow the prevention and treatment of women’s health. Especially valuable for women who are facing or have already faced the experience of diagnosis of a tumor.

    The inauguration on September 24: how to participate

    The new Libellule Onlus headquarters is located in a convenient area to reach, very close to the Loreto, Piola and Lambrate metro stops: in Via Filippino Lippi 19 at the corner of Viale Gran Sasso. Those wishing to book an appointment can call 320 9204164 ([email protected] And The inauguration, open to the public, will take place on Saturday 24 September at 3 pm.

    The importance of feeling truly “taken care of”

    Living with a cancer diagnosis changes your life. He knows it well Female doctor Paola Martinoni, Breast surgeon, expert in first and second level diagnostics for the prevention of breast cancer and for years dedicated to the follow-up of cancer patients and their physical and psychological support. In 2015, with the inspiration of Professor Umberto Veronesi, you founded theAssociation Dragonflies Onlus with the objective to take care of women who have had a breast and ovarian cancer through thehospitality and the health follow-up. And today she is an oncological reference point for hundreds of women who reach her, for her style of approach to cancer and treatment, from all over the country.

    His vision of taking care of the patient is expressed precisely in the organization of the services of Libellule Onlus, which embraces the strictly scientific, diagnostic and therapeutic and, at the same time, emotional and affective part. The initiatives of Libellule Onlus thus range from control programming specialist a moments of learning for the care of one’s own well-beingup to recreational events where the fun becomes part of the therapeutic approach.

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    Breast cancer prevention: the tests to be done

    The invitation of doctors and operators of Libellule Onlus

    “Our party will start from 3:00 pm. We can’t wait to show you the environments where we will welcome you for visits, screenings, follow ups, but also just for a tea and a chat, if you need it; we are impatient and excited at the idea of ​​telling you about all our future projects and to introduce you to our Staff, from the very precious Volunteers to Medical Specialists who will be at your disposal for any doubts, to give you advice and maybe to start a post-operative care plan that take into account your life at 360 ° by improving it and minimizing the side effects of the therapies but also providing you with concrete psychological support. We want you to be reborn, we want you ready to face a beautiful new season “.