Federica Pellegrini adopts a turtle and releases it into the sea

The free turtle has returned to the sea off the coast of the municipality of Mattinata, in the province of Foggia

Federico Pellegrini protagonist of a beautiful gesture with a happy ending: on the occasion of World Oceans Dayin fact, the Divine has decided to espouse the cause of the campaign Tartalove of Legambiente, by adopting one of the turtles hosted in the Sea Turtle Recovery Center (Crtm) of Manfredonia, in the province of Foggia.

Federica Pellegrini has released a turtle

The one saved by Federica Pellegrini is a specimen of Caretta caretta which it had previously been rescued by fishermen, and then treated at the recovery and rescue center managed by Legambiente. After visiting the Center to learn about the turtle, Pellegrini, on board a rubber dinghy in the company of operators from the Crtm and the local Sailing Center, left the port to reach a quiet area where he could release the animal. Not only that, the champion then entered the water to accompany Libera, “his of hers” her turtle, from the dinghy to the waves of the sea, swimming for a few moments carefree with her.

An exciting scene, which allowed the protagonists of this beautiful story to experience a unique and certainly exciting moment for both. “I adopted Libera and I’m happy about it. Freeing my sea turtle into the sea, thanks to the Legambiente campaign TartaLove, it is an experience that I invite everyone to try” declared Federica Pellegrini. “A simple and emotional gesture to take care of this magnificent environment” she concluded.

Federica Pellegrini adopts a turtle and releases it into the sea

the tartalove campaign

TartaLove is a fundraising campaign launched by Legambiente for the protection of the Caretta caretta in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an endangered species because it is strongly threatened by the professional fishingfrom the boat trafficfrompollution and come on plastic waste often ingested by these animals who mistake them for prey. In the last 10 years, thanks to the campaign and to the recovery and first aid centres, over 2,000 specimens have been saved.

Federica Pellegrini adopts a turtle and releases it into the sea

the fight against bulimia

It is not the first time that Federica Pellegrini has tried to sensitize her audience by talking about issues that are particularly close to her heart: in her autobiographical book, Goldthe Divine has in fact told of hers fight against bulimia. “Puking up was a bit like clearing my conscience and also my way of metabolize pain. It’s called bulimia but I didn’t know it” reads the book. “Bulimia for me it wasn’t the problem, it was the solution. My way to lose weight without sacrifice by eating everything I wanted”.