In the coming weeks, AZ will have to miss mainstay Dani de Wit. He is dealing with a foot injury. One of his logical replacements in the first is Fedde de Jong, but the captain of Jong AZ sees it differently. “Disappointing for him that he is out, I don’t know yet if my chances will come. I will continue to work hard anyway.”

    Young AZ captain Fedde de Jong about his chances at AZ 1 – NH Sport / Milton Pus

    “I’ve been on the couch a lot lately anyway,” De Jong continues. He does not want to speculate about his chances at the first. The Alkmaar promises played with a very young team, partly due to the busy schedule of AZ 1. Still, De Jong did not want to hide behind that after the 1-1. “You always have to deal with that inconstancy in terms of team at AZ. You can say it was because of that, but today’s level was just not enough.”

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    Young AZ captain Fedde de Jong thought a draw was deserved – NH Sport / Milton Pus

    Young AZ and Helmond Sport created few opportunities during the match. Nevertheless, De Jong thought it was an exciting duel. “We performed below our level in the first half. The second half was already a lot better. It could go either way, they had an offside goal and we still shot on the post. That’s why a draw is deserved in the end.”

    Young AZ remains seventh in the first division and will play against NAC Breda on Friday. The kick-off is at 8 p.m. in Breda.

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