Dennis van der Ree, the interim trainer of FC Groningen, understands that the supporters are disappointed. In the final phase of the home game against SC Cambuur (0-1) a group of fans entered the field, after which the game was stopped. Stewards and security guards quickly directed the men back to the stands.

    “It is not allowed that they walk onto the field,” Van der Ree told ESPN. “But I do understand the disappointment and their thoughts. At a club like this you don’t expect to be in last place.”

    Robbin Ruiter stood near the Groningen fans who entered the field. ,,I’m still quite fast in the first meters”, said the Cambuur goalkeeper jokingly at ESPN. “Everything was thrown on the field. I got a beer bottle opener thrown against my back, luckily I didn’t get it against my head. Coins against the bar. And there were at least forty lighters in the penalty area. They only have themselves with that, because then of course I won’t take my goal kick. The game was stopped for a while, but what do we care, we won.”

    ,,As a keeper you have no idea what is happening behind you”, said Cambuur coach Sjors Ultee after the match. “People are coming onto the field, everything is being thrown. That’s pretty scary. We tried to keep the concentration inside, but you have no idea how long it’s going to take. There were security guards running through the corridors leading to the main entrance, it was hectic.”

    Stewards try to stop the Groningen fans. © ANP

    FC Volendam

    FC Groningen will compete against direct competitor FC Volendam on Sunday. Van der Ree: ,,We should not be disappointed, but rather straighten our backs. We have to cry now and come back to the club sharply tomorrow. We also did good things today. There are still many games to play. Sunday is immediately a very important one.”

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