Haasken was also fully involved in the establishment of the Van Gogh House. Here visitors can take a look at the room where Vincent van Gogh stayed for several months in the autumn of 1883.

    Van Oosterhout also labeled Haasken as a real connector, who has maintained good contacts with the province, municipality and other village councils. All this in the interest of the village itself. All that volunteer work, because that’s what it was, couldn’t go unnoticed. With a ribbon as a result.

    Haasken, who knew nothing about it, is speechless for a moment, he suddenly reports on the stage of De Veurkamer. “I’ve always enjoyed doing this job,” he says. “I also like to get in touch with people. As a farmer you don’t speak to many others, except for a representative,” he joked. He modestly decides that it was all unnecessary, but his broad smile reveals that he is quite proud of the award.

    Haasken’s successor has already been announced: Erwin de Vries will take over as the new village chairman.