Family driver Princess Diana finds scene of crash in The Crown inappropriate: ‘This is inhumane’ | show

The Netflix show about the British royal family, the final of which is expected in autumn 2023, promises an emotional denouement that is not to everyone’s taste. The fact that Netflix wants to portray the crash that killed Diana, her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul, with all the shocking details, is met with protest. Henri Paul’s brother, the Diana’s driver who was behind the wheel, is also not pleased The Crown. “This is cruel to me and my family,” says Alain Paul The Daily Mail. “Netflix has not contacted us and has not informed us about exactly how they are going to portray this. But for our family, old wounds are reopened. They are never even completely healed.”

After that tragic day, Henri Paul was blamed by the media and even the royal family for drinking and speeding. Whether Netflix will also convey that in that way The Crown, is still a question mark. Alain will certainly watch the episode, even if he has the rest of it The Crown consciously not seen. “After the way the British royal family treated my brother, I’m not interested in their dramas. But I will watch this episode to find out exactly how Netflix portrays my brother.” But he doesn’t expect anything good anyway. “These people are totally shameless. They have no respect. All the grief, the pain and the accusations… It’s all going to come back.”