F1 collapse Red Bull Singapore: just an episode?

The crisis of Verstappen and Perez’s single-seaters in Singapore coincided with the new FIA Directive on wing flexibility: Marina Bay is an atypical track and could be an isolated case, but Suzuka is expected for the counter test

Red Bull’s performance slump in Singapore surprised everyone. Marina Bay is an anomalous track and it has already happened in the past that a team capable of dominating the season – in that case the 2015 Mercedes of Hamilton and Rosberg – went into crisis only there without understanding anything for the entire weekend. Therefore, it is not appropriate to think that in a few days at Suzuka the single-seaters designed by Newey will find themselves in the same situation. However, many found it curious that the relegation of Verstappen and Perez to the middle of the pack coincided with the application of the new technical directive TD018, regarding wing flexibility. The technicians of the International Automobile Federation implemented the checks, asking to have access to all the drawings and designs of the wings of the 20 teams.