Extra beds and privacy for heart patients Treant in Emmen

From January 16, patients with acute heart complaints in the Treant hospital in Emmen will have more comfort. The First Heart Aid and Heart Monitoring Department has been renewed. More than a thousand visitors came today to see what that looks like.

“This is the control room”, Mandy Boven, cooperating team leader at Treant, shows. Employees will soon be able to monitor the condition of patients via a long row of computers and screens. From patients in their department, but also from people who are in another department with heart complaints. “Normally it makes a lot more noise, but of course there are no patients yet,” Boven explains. It is one of the new facilities that Treant is proud of.

In a long renovation of four years, a part was attached to the hospital. Earlier, in 2020, the heart intervention center was already opened. This month the First Heart Aid and Heart Monitoring Department will be added. “No, this was not there yet,” says cardiologist Margreet Oosterga. “This was built especially for us. The positioning is very nice, it is right next to the heart intervention center.”

The hospital has expanded from eleven first cardiac aid beds to eighteen beds in the ward. Above: “We now really have more rooms at our disposal. Also an isolation room, which we did not yet have in the department. So, for example, people with a certain infection or with corona, we can now also treat them here. Those facilities are now also all much nicer.”

Each bed is in its own room, which means more room for the doctors and nurses to move and more privacy. That’s nice for difficult conversations or acute treatment, says Oosterga. “Some people get a heart attack on the spot or get a very annoying heart rhythm disorder. Then it’s not nice if you lie next to them and get that. Privacy is therefore very important. For the patient, but it’s also very nice for us.”

The countdown to the 16th has begun. The employees of the department are looking forward to it. “That will be an exciting day in which we will move people from the old department to the new one,” says Oosterga. After that, the IC department will also be renovated. But before that, it’s time to party.

Watch the video about the new department below