Exit Michael van Gerwen and Danny Noppert: after Ahoy, Leeuwarden won’t get a Dutch winner either | Darts

Michael van Gerwen was also unable to treat himself to a tournament victory in Leeuwarden. Mighty Mike had to admit his superior to Dave Chisnall in the semi-finals after a nerve-racking decisive leg: 6-7.

Earlier on the final day, Van Gerwen already beat Martin Schindler, who had to admit his superior 6-2 Mighty Mike. Van Gerwen also dealt with a German on Saturday: Gabriel Clemens also lost 6-2 to the Dutchman. In his match against Barry, Van Gerwen set a break in the third leg. The man from Vlijmen did not relinquish that lead. With a score of 4-2, Van Gerwen again placed a break and one leg later he definitively took control of the game. In the semifinals, Van Gerwen took on Dave Chisnall, who defeated Peter Wright 6-1 in the quarterfinals.

That semi-final was a nerve-racking one in which it came down to the all-deciding thirteenth leg. After the elimination of Danny Noppert in the quarterfinals, Van Gerwen had the audience in Leeuwarden full behind him and Chisnall also missed a chance, but Van Gerwen was unable to take advantage. He missed, among other things, three times on double 6.

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The other semi-final battle is between Damon Heta and Luke Humphries. Noppert, who lives in Joure, played for his home crowd, but was unable to beat Humphries in the quarterfinals. It became 6-5 for the Englishman. Heta won 6-2 in the quarterfinals against Stephen Bunting, who earlier in the day was responsible for the elimination of the injured Dirk van Duijvenbode, who fell hard on Saturday evening and fears a serious injury.

Program and results today

Round of 16 (from 1 p.m.)
• Keane Barry-Ryan Searle 6-5
Michael van Gerwen -Martin Schindler 6-2
• Michael Smith – Peter Wright 4-6
• Dave Chisnall-Josh Rock 6-3
Dirk van Duivenbode —Stephen Bunting 4-6
• Damon Heta – Berry van Peer 6-1
• Nathan Aspinall – Danny Noppert 5-6
• Luke Humphries – Andrew Gilding 6-4

Quarter-finals (from 7 p.m.)

• Keane Barry – Michael van Gerwen 2-6
•Peter Wright-Dave Chisnall 1-6
• Stephen Bunting – Damon Heta 2-6
Danny Noppert -Luke Humphries 5-6

Semi finals

Michael by Gerwen —Dave Chisnall 6-7
• Stephen Bunting/Damon Heta – Danny Noppert/Luke Humphries


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