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    The relegation of one of the most promising young stars in the world at the time was already crass. Or was he perhaps a little overrated? Definitely a good catch from Olympiakos. If he stays fit then he could quickly become a superstar.

    In the first sentence you still talk about the blatant descent of one of the most promising young stars (“How many superlatives do you want to use in one sentence? mikolash: Yes”), in the third then about the fact that, if fit, he “could quickly become a superstar”. . Regarding the half-sentence in the middle, you should just question yourself, because in order to be overrated, you have to be overrated first. Maybe when hunting for the next Messis and Ronaldos you should just keep the ball low or at least after 3-4 years in which a player hasn’t cracked anything at all, realize that you could have been on the wrong track. But instead, 8 years (!) after a very nice goal at a World Cup, you still dream of a fantasy player that never existed.

    Did Bayern perform pretty well, or am I wrong?

    Sometimes like this; sometimes like that. In the end it probably didn’t fit anymore with Kovac, but now to ponder in the subjunctive what could have become of a permanent commitment if another coach had taken over would also be presumptuous. Especially since James is “at home” on the ten and there is a certain T. Müller (except for – Surprise! – Kovac) set. What I wanted and want to say with that: It seems to me that his last stations and thus also the clubs where he didn’t end up reflect his actual potential more than glorifying football fans, media, etc. pp. A fine little foot, the fact that you get to see what feels like every leap year is justifiably not enough.

    At Bayern he was strongest in the 6 and played pretty well there. The fact that Kovac didn’t go well doesn’t mean anything, because he also let Müller go sour on the bench. James is a 10, but like Thiago he worked as a deep playmaker at Bayern and also fulfilled the defensive tasks

    James delivered everywhere he played and even at Real when he was only a rotation player he got his scorers right. The fact that he can’t get past a Modric or Kroos shouldn’t be interpreted negatively, as both are among the absolute best in the world.