Ex-Burnley manager succeeds Frank Lampard with mission to wash bottom-of-table Toffees on 15 points from 20 games

    Everton have chosen their new coach: it’s Sean Dyche, who will be officially announced today as Frank Lampard’s successor, with the mission of saving the Toffees bottom of the table with 15 points in 20 games, the worst start in their history. Dyche, 51, was preferred to Marcelo Bielsa, the first option of the volcanic patron Farhad Moshiri, and to Davide Ancelotti, Carlo’s son and deputy at Real for whom the Toffees had made a poll.

    The choice

    After sacking Lampard on Monday, Everton had gone on until today to choose a manager. The first option was Bielsa, a name that the patron could use with the rioting fans. El Loco yesterday landed in London with a flight from Brazil to speak with the management of the Toffees, without hiding his doubts both on the management of a team engaged in a long reconstruction for too long and on the adaptability of the current men of the squad to his style of play. Everton resumed the Premier League on 4 February facing Arsenal, then on the 13th there was the derby with Liverpool: in such a desperate situation, the team needed immediate stability, something that the Bielsa treatment could not guarantee. The company has also stalled on the financial requests of the 66-year-old Argentine coach, who led Leeds last season: 1.15 million euros a month, to be distributed to all of his staff. Dyche was the safest choice, even more than Davide Ancelotti: the Toffees had carried out a survey and the Ancelottis had taken a moment to reflect, teased by the idea of ​​launching Davide’s career in style but at the same time aware of the Hazards of Goodison Park. As much as his name was appreciated by the fans and Davie had made himself known in his 18 months at Everton as dad Carlo’s assistant, he was still a technician with no experience as a head coach, to whom to entrust a team that desperately needs certainties .

    The mission

    Dyche, from that point of view, offers more guarantees. He has coached over 250 Premier League games in his 10 years at Burnley, he already knows some of the players in Everton’s squad and he is clear that his first mission will be to stabilize the team, find the right system to make it perform at its best and guide it towards a complicated but possible salvation, given the balance at the end of the Premier League. Some help from the market will also be needed, because Everton lacks players in attack and those available could soon lose the rebel Anthony Gordon, who after 3 days of unjustified absence has decided to return to training but always wants a change of scenery. Everton have convinced themselves to lower the asking price to Newcastle from 62.5 million to 42.5 million euros: having said goodbye to Gordon, the Toffees would like to welcome Dyche with a welcome gift named Hakin Ziyech. The new era is about to begin.