Even so, the Tappara pack’s sudden attack on the reasons for the League’s discipline

KooKoo received a disciplinary investigation for the ax defender’s blow.

Casimir Jürgens’ boy ended up on the disciplinary table of the League. Jaakko Stenroos/AOP

The league’s discipline will deal with the situation of the quarter-final played on Tuesday, where Tapparan Casimir Jürgens hit the people of Kouvola with a cross stick Axel Ottoson to the neck.

Jürgens was not given a suspended sentence for the situation.

The league’s situation room did not initially transfer the situation to the disciplinary delegation for further processing, but it ended up there after KooKoo’s processing request. A decision on the matter will be given during the day.

Tappara won the match that went to overtime, and leads the series with a 3–0 win. The teams’ fourth meeting is on Friday in Kouvola.