Eva Jinek gets a big slap on the ears from Yvonne Coldeweijer. She finds it ‘f*cking derogatory’ that the talk show host peddled so much with her ‘fantasy’ to do simple work at Kruidvat.

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    From a PR point of view, Kruidvat has had a top month, because Eva Jinek started advertising extensively for the drugstore chain on all her platforms. The presenter spent an afternoon in one of the branches and talked a lot about it in the media. She denies being paid for it.


    According to Eva, it had simply been her wish to work at Kruidvat for years. Whenever the pressure of TV work gets too much, she says she yearns for simplistic work without responsibilities. And opening boxes at the Kruidvat is apparently brainless in her eyes.

    Yvonne Coldeweijer is very sorry about Eva. She says in The Juice Show: “This is f*cking derogatory, isn’t it? It’s just… This kind of screams cutenessbut I find it really very insulting.”

    “this is weird”

    It bothers Yvonne immensely. “I notice that I am very frustrated, because I just like it weird. I don’t think it makes any sense. Act normal. I think it’s a kind of attention grabbing and I think it’s derogatory.”

    She continues: “I think Eva is a pretty sweet girl, but it’s just derogatory to say, ‘Oh my god, guys! I’m under so much stress, if only I just worked at Kruidvat!’ You can’t say that come on!”

    Normal work

    Eva shouldn’t pretend it’s all unimportant work, Yvonne thinks. “There are just people who go to the Kruidvat every day to work there. I understand that because her life is so special and she is so rich, she has a fetish to be poor for once. That’s how it feels, like: if only I had a normal job, where I wasn’t so important!”

    She continues: “Someone who is normal does not have such a fantasy. That’s just normal work. Yes, it’s a little snobbish. Sorry, this seems really weird. Act normal. There are also people who are behind the cash register every day. It sounds a bit like: if only I had such a stupid job. That’s kind of how it feels!”

    Weird fetish

    Private boss Evert Santegoeds previously indicated in his podcast Strictly Private that he did not understand anything about Eva either. “What kind of fetish is that? That you just want to drone through that store as a Kruidvat girl? I’d rather not go there.”

    It may be an image thing, says Evert. “I’m not saying anything bad about the people who work at Kruidvat, but if you don’t work there, why would you walk around in such an ugly red jacket?”


    Eva’s much-discussed Kruidvat photo: