Europeans 2032, bipartisan resolution for Italy’s candidacy

Gravina: “An act of great value, because it is unanimous across the board”. The dossier with the commitment of the Executive must be delivered to UEFA by 12 April

Step forward in terms of parliamentary commitment in support of Italy’s candidacy for the 2032 European Championship. The Senate culture commission recently voted on a resolution which represents for the president of the Football Federation Gabriele Gravina “an act of great value, because it is unanimous across the board” . The text commits the Government “to support and qualify the candidacy put forward by the FIGC for the organization of the final phase of the 2032 European Championships, taking any appropriate initiative within its competence that enhances the national interest with respect to this event and related legacy”.


The initiative of the bipartisan resolution (first signatory is Senator Filippo Melchiorre of the Brothers of Italy) is particularly significant given that time is running out and the dossier with the government commitment must be delivered to UEFA by 12 April, while 23 March is the meeting of the municipalities involved in the project (Milan, Genoa, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Cagliari, Verona, Bari and Palermo) and the other two properties (Sport and Health for the Olimpico in Rome and Juventus for the Allianz Stadium) of the stadiums included in the expression of interest.


The approved resolution invites the executive to “guarantee the necessary support for the improvement of sports infrastructures in the context of urban regeneration projects, without consuming new territory, also through the configuration of tools that favor the allocation and/or finding of suitable public and private financial resources and identifying procedures that ensure the completion of the interventions within the times required by UEFA also through a centralization and simplification of the same procedures, changing methods already adopted on the occasion of projects and/or events deemed of national interest”.


Words that also suggest the possibility of a “commissioner” if the canonical route were not viable for reasons of time. However, the most probable hypothesis is that of an interministerial decree prepared by the minister of sport Andrea Abodi with the undersecretary to the presidency of the council Alfredo Mantovano. In any case, if not a turning point, it is certainly an act that can help Italy’s race towards the European Championship in the challenge with Turkey’s candidacy. UEFA will choose in October this year.