Ethnic restaurants represent a cultural and culinary approach to different peoples. So you can find in the city of Buenos Aires a wide range of gastronomic spaces that offer dishes from different countries to the delight of the local palate: Germany, Peru, Russia, India Y Vietnam they are present with their flavors in the porteño neighborhoods offering their cuisine for the adventurous diners.

    Germany: Extrawurst – Bratwurst (Three Sergeants 427)

    In the Retiro neighborhood, the German restaurant specializes in a wide variety of sausages and traditional preparations. It is not necessary to travel to Frankfurt to experience the craftsmanship and the characteristic taste of the typical dishes accompanied with sauerkraut. Without additives or preservatives, the food house also offers packs of homemade sausages for cooking at home.


    Peru: Conga (La Rioja 39)

    Located in Balvanera, Conga is a family bastion of Peruvian cuisine that brings together the idiosyncrasies and flavors of the Andean country. ceviches, Chaufas or even morsels of Inca origin, are the restaurant’s specialties, served in hearty dishes. The place offers delivery service and is one of the reference gastronomic spaces in the neighborhood.


    India: Tandoor (Laprida 1293)

    Specialized in indian curries and tandoori, the kitchen makes balanced mixtures of different spices, many of them imported, to give fresh local products a balance of flavors and aromas characteristic of Indian cuisine. In a warm atmosphere, the white tablecloth restaurant also serves regional desserts and drinks.


    Russia: CCCP (Carlos Calvo 787)

    In the style of a still life, Russian food is present in this space of Soviet scenery. The acronym CCCP of the restaurant alludes to the initials of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and maintains identity with the timely presence of all types of vodka. Installed in the San Telmo area, the most outstanding dishes of the “socialist menu” are the vareniki with mushrooms and kotlets of chicken.


    Vietnam: Green Bamboo (Costa Rica 5802)

    The kitchen of Southeast Asian It has been in fashion for several years. Both in formal spaces and in street food fairs, its original flavors and condiments have been shining in the Buenos Aires scene for a long time. Pioneers in this gastronomy, Green Bamboo recommends its most elaborate and authentic dishes, such as the sautéed meat shaking beef or the cha ca consisting of a sandwich fish with dill and turmeric.

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