Normally Teun de Jong (54) mainly paints window frames and doors. But his other expertise is working on monuments. And that came in handy when restoring the statue of the City Maiden. The eye-catcher on top of the old entrance gate of Enkhuizen: the Koepoort.

    The statue was taken down four months ago. And a thorough restoration turned out to be no superfluous luxury. Paint had peeled off over the years. It made it a great challenge for Teun, but also his colleagues from the painting company Klaver.

    ‘Treat with love’

    Although that was not in the difficulty of the job. “We knew which colors had been used. Other than that, it’s just treating it with love and throwing your experience into battle. Then this is the result.” He is certainly proud of his work. Because it remains special to be able to work on such an important monument from your own city.

    The work is part of a large-scale restoration of the Koepoort by contractor EAB. In addition to the restoration of the Stedemaaagd, the painting company, led by foreman Arie Schouten, is also responsible for the rest of the woodwork.

    “It is not a complicated job, but it does require extra attention. We really had to see who we should put on this job,” explains manager Ruud Bijl van Klaver. “The details are different from an average home. It requires certain expertise from the painting.”

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    The restoration of the Koepoort is in its final phase, but the Stedemagand is already in its old place. “This shines beautifully again. I’m proud of that,” says painter Teun. Ruud Bijl adds: “She is very visible. So every time we drive out of town, we see her.”

    All work should be completed in early December. The restored Koepoort will be festively reopened on 5 December.