Emilio Pérsico: “We are entrenched and the one who has to get us out is the opposition”

“I think it would be good to go up and down. In the middle, I think we have to find an agreement. And there Cristina has a huge role”expressed a few days ago Emilio Persico, the social leader who handle the biggest box for popular movements.

The Secretary of Social Economy, and fundamental ally of the president, has so far been a pillar for Alberto Fernández in the bid against Cristina Kirchner, who charged against the social movements and the administration of the plans at the hottest moment of an internal one that today continue to simmer.

But Persico doesn’t want to lose ground. On the contrary, the social movements are already mobilized to step stronger in the territory, especially in the Greater Buenos Aires, where they can fight La Cámpora internally. A versus that can be resolved in part in the STEPS that he claims, but also through dialogue and in a desk.

The referent of the Evita Movement revealed precisely that it has “good dialoguewith the deputy Maximo Kirchner: “I haven’t spoken to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for a year, but I’m still talking to Máximo Kirchner and I’m up to date on everything. He is another comrade that I highly esteem, because at the difficult moment, when Néstor Kirchner died, he threw himself into politics with everything to support the process. I don’t forget about that. Máximo put up a fight in Santa Cruz and won, campaigning neighborhood by neighborhood and corner by corner.”

“We believe that the PASOs are a good instrument. When Néstor Kirchner drew them up and put them together, he was very happy with the system, because it allows you to resolve many conflicts and mobilize militancy in each of the districts. If not, the structures are aging and what is owed to the neighbors is not worked,” added Emilio Pérsico in El Disparador (Delta 90.3).

The referent of Evita feels safe, with the box at the service of the upcoming campaign: the departure of Juanchi Zabaleta from Social Development, the ministry that administers the plans, gave rise to the arrival of another faithful Albertista. “I have known Victoria Tolosa Paz for a long time from La Plata, from the militancy and from the family, it is good that she occupies the Ministry of Social Development,” the leader of Evita celebrated.

“Juan Zabaleta did a good job but he had to return to the municipality, he wants to get it back. I have talked a lot with him and he comes back because he believes he has better conditions to win in the district,” Persico said, referring to the internship that the former minister has in Hurlingham: Damián Selci, the camporista councilor who supplanted him wants to dispute the mayor in 2023.

“It seems to me that the PASOs are a good instrument. It depends on the parliament to take them out and I don’t think it’s a good idea to change them at the last minute,” insists Persico, who plays hard to be at the table where the candidacies are defined. “The armed of the lists must be done a few days before, because that gives us the possibility of continuing to govern. When you enter the stage of the candidates, the electoral chip grabs you and you lose the possibility of transforming reality, “he warns.

In tune, President Alberto Fernández wants to make a foothold in the management that he delegated mainly to Sergio Massa. From the announcement of bonuses for workers to public works. A redirection in the intern with the own minister of Economy. “I talk a lot with Sergio Massa and I always had a good dialogue, I appreciate it. We discuss the economy and the world. And sometimes we agree, and sometimes those things are useful,” warned Persico, who does not rule him out as a candidate.

“Sergio Massa is a great colleague and he is working as he knows, 24 for 24, he is a tremendous political beast. He was always part of the Frente de Todos, it has nothing to do with Cambiemos”, he maintains about the political ideas of the superminister. “In Together for Change they are kicking each other and it is a much stronger chicken coop than ours, Our space is calmer and we’re going to tidy up,” he predicts.

“We are here, entrenched, the one who has to get us out is the opposition. We continue to solve things and I believe that if we do things right, solve the economy and calm inflation, we are going to win the election. I have no doubt, Cambiemos has more problems, the first is Javier Milei who is going to get a lot out of them and then the radicalism that Mauricio Macri’s candidacy does not support. We are all going to go together”, insists Pérsico, convinced that Peronism will finally resolve their disputes.

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