Lto politics asks young people to votebut when it comes to listening to their requests, to understand what they need, what are the real needs of the GenZ, politics goes deaf.

    But where are the young people in politics?

    And this is not surprising given that, as reported by the Openpolis Foundation who analyzed the data of the Ministry of the Interior, even the candidates chosen by the various parties are certainly not very young.

    Indeed, on almost 5 thousand candidates and candidates, only 15% are under 40 years old. And, even less than 3%, it is below 30.

    The average age, in fact, of those who enter the lists is 51.4 years old, not elderly, but certainly far from the generations that will be the citizens of tomorrow.

    On Sunday 25 September there is a vote, but there are few young candidates among the candidates

    Elections, no renewal

    A failure to renew that clashes with the request to the children to take an interest and to be passionate about politics. But let’s see better.

    Of the 4,746 people who applied, 695 have an age that remains below 40 years, one in seven. But if we count the very young, those between 20 and 30 years, are less than 3% of the total, exactly 134 candidates.

    Most of the candidates among the GenX

    The band between 40 and 60 is the most represented which includes 61.2% of all candidates: 1,359 candidates aged between 40 and 50 years. The 50-60 category is even more represented, with a total of 1,548 people.

    The percentages also change depending on the sides. Popular Union and 5 Star Movement are the parties that propose the highest percentage of candidates under 40 years of age, respectively 21.1% (for a total of 93 people) and 19.9% ​​(78). The lowest share, on the other hand, has Italexit.

    The younger ones are on the left

    There mostly young candidatesfor a total of 169 people (17% of the total) the center-left coalition has them. The center-right instead reaches 12.3% (136 candidates). But also the party of Calenda Action together with Renzi’s Italia Viva does not look bad, 13.9% for a total of 57 young people.

    Last place from this point of view we find Italexitwith 41 candidates under 40, equal to 11.7% of the total.

    Going down again with age, that is young people between 20 and 30 years old, over 64% are between the center-left coalition (38 people) and the popular union lists (33). The 5 Star Movement, on the other hand, has a high share of candidates aged between 30 and 40 (72 out of 391).

    Elections, there are also the eighties

    With regard to the choice of the leaders, things are even worse: only 12% of them are under 40, 90 out of 750, between 40 and 50 there are 228, 255 between 50 and 60, and 139 between 60 and 70. But there are also candidates aged 70/80: there are 36 leading candidates and two are over 80 years old.