Dybala at the end of Roma-Juve rejoices in the victory, the wrath of the Juventus fans

Furious Bianconeri on social media for the joy of the Argentine after the victory of Roma. Then on Telegram the comment: “Today I play for another team and I also have to show respect for my teammates”

Immediately after the defeat on Sunday evening at the Olimpico, the “Dybala gate” broke out among the Juventus fans. What infuriates hundreds of Juventus supporters is not Joya’s choice to have accepted Roma’s offer or the Argentine’s commitment against his former team – he was already decisive in the first leg by packing the assist for the goal of Abraham – but the unbridled exultation of the Giallorossi number 21 at Maresca’s final whistle. In fact, Paulo exploded with joy on the bench together with the rest of the team, not hiding in the least the satisfaction of having beaten his former team. A gesture that inevitably triggered the angry reaction of the black and white people on social networks (with dozens of messages to Dybala’s social accounts).


Dybala, who has never hidden his connection to the city of Turin and its past under the Mole, wanted to clarify what happened with a long message published on his Telegram channel. “I know it’s difficult for you… it’s difficult for me too… – explains the Argentine – but today I’m playing for another team and with other team mates who I also have to respect!! Winning is never easy and for us it was important..! Respect will always be there.. don’t be fooled by social networks”. Joya’s message continues: “I didn’t cheer for a goal… and I didn’t get in anyone’s face! I celebrated a victory with my teammates..! I’m sorry you see it like this.. I send you all a big hug! I love you”. Peace made then, or so it seems.