Dutch leaves 5 million to the city of Bruges

    The woman, whose name was not allowed to be known, recently died at the age of 80. Her family was active in industry and ran a quarrying business. That company was sold thirty years ago, after which the woman moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland. Eight years ago she ended up in the heart of Bruges. Not much more is known about her.

    City of Bruges is “pleasantly surprised”

    Apparently, the woman had designated the city as the beneficiary of her estate. The total value is about 5 million euros: a sum of 3.3 million euros in a bank account, 945,000 euros in securities and securities, and a house worth 700,000 euros. Bruges’ alderman for finances Mercedes Van Volcem says to be “pleasantly surprised”. According to her, it is highly exceptional that the city receives money. Since the city is considered a charity, inheritance rights are minimal.