Drunk woman (19) tries to drive home with stolen horse after night out | Inland

According to the police, the woman would have looked quite deeply into the glass. On her way home, the lady passed a riding school on Sunday morning. She decided to get one of the horses out of a box and tried to mount the animal. The horse, however, did not want to hear about it.

According to the police, a local resident was awakened by the beating of a hoof in front of her door. When she went to take a look, she saw the woman who was still trying to climb on the horse.

The local resident intervened and led the horse and the drunken woman back to the stables. She also called the police there. Officers have arrested the woman for attempted theft. The owner of the horse subsequently filed a report. Finally the – now somewhat refurbished ‘amazon’ – was allowed to go home. That happened on foot and under its own power, according to the Aachen police.