Driver still in hospital after bus accident involving 65 schoolchildren in Germany: “He doesn’t yet know how the accident could have happened” | Interior

The driver of Jacobs Transport collided with a bus full of school children on Tuesday night in Germany against a stationary security vehicle. At that time, 65 sixth-year students and 7 teachers from two schools in Liedekerke and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw were on their way back to Belgium, after a week of snow classes in Bad Hofgastein, Austria.

“The driver himself is not yet sure how the accident could have happened,” says CEO Francis Paulussen, who previously stated in our newspaper that his driver was ‘in good condition’. “He is currently still recovering from the collision. He is impressed and carries a great sense of responsibility. Of course he never wanted this. But we are already happy that everyone can tell the story.”

LOOK. All school children involved in the accident have now returned home

The driver will be transferred to Belgium today, where he will undergo minor tendon surgery. “The physical pain is apparently not too bad,” says Paulussen, who spoke to the bus driver. “The second driver, who was sleeping at the time of the facts, had to help his colleague from behind the wheel after the collision. He was completely crushed.” Nothing is known about the ongoing investigation at this time. The German police read the tachograph and the driver had to take an alcohol and drug test.

All school children involved in the accident have now returned home. “The headmistress of one of the primary schools already told us that she would like to call on our company again next year with the same directors,” concludes Paulussen. “That says enough about the confidence in my drivers.”

LOOK. None of the children and teachers were seriously injured