Dries Roelvink fully enjoys the attention he gets now a number of videos on which he tastes wine viral have gone, but not everyone is a fan. “He’s completely insane.”

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    The way Dries Roelvink approves a glass of wine went viral on social media this summer. A TikTok video of the wine-tasting folk singer has been viewed millions of times and since then every camera crew has wanted to come and film with him. For example, the singer can taste wine at the spray fairies of Editie NL tonight.

    Completely insane

    René van der Gijp is now starting to get a little Roelvink-tired. He lashed out at him last night in Today Inside. “That Roelvink is of course just a madman. It’s completely insane.”

    The football analyst saw Dries last week in Op1, where he sat down to talk about fishing. “I saw him the other day at Op1 and he turns every question to him in such a way that after five seconds he is talking about himself. That’s really great. So the question isn’t about him, but after five seconds he’s talking about himself.”

    ‘TBS? For his sons!’

    Johan Derksen surprised: “But why is he at Op1? Because he cannot sing and no one else is interested in Dries Roelvink.”

    Table guest Job Knoester then: “I once sat with him at Op1. Then he started asking me all kinds of questions about TBS.”

    Johan laughing: “For his sons of course!”


    The wine tasting Dries: