When Johan de Vries shows his dancing skills in Ibiza next week, he will undoubtedly attract attention. Johan may be 90 years old, but he is far from over. The lover of solid house music will leave for the party Valhalla on Saturday to dance and dance.

    House-grandpa goes to Ibiza – NH Nieuws

    “My dream is really coming true,” laughs Johan, who is already packing his bag. “I really wanted to go to Ibiza, there you have the best DJs and most beautiful clubs.”

    Johan de Vries (90) is now a well-known figure within the dance scene and at festivals. “I once heard that music and immediately thought it sounded good. I went to a festival in 2006. I never thought they would let me in then, but everyone really liked that I was there.”

    “I have all kinds of backstage tapes from festivals in the shed”

    House grandpa Johan de vries

    Many festivals like it so much when the dancing grandpa is there that he is often invited for free. “In the shed I have all kinds of backstage tapes from festivals and parties I’ve been invited to.”

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    Backstage tapes – Michael van der Putten/NH Media

    It is not the first time that house-grandpa has booked a flight to Ibiza, but the party was canceled last time due to an overbooking of the plane. “I’m a bit afraid it will happen again. But I can hardly believe that they will cancel our flight a second time, they won’t do that to us, will they?”