Entertainment group Walt Disney wants to own ESPN’s sports channels because of the growing importance of sports betting. CEO Bob Chapek is even “working hard” with Disney to develop its own ESPN app for betting. In this way, among other things, the American company wants to increase direct contact with consumers, Chapek said at a Disney event in California.

    “Our under-35s view sports betting as an important part of their sports experience,” Chapek said in support of ESPN’s importance. Activist investor Dan Loeb had previously insisted on selling the sports channel in order to shed more light on its value.

    Chapek said he had received about a hundred proposals from parties that would like to take over ESPN, which pleased him. “If you put a house up for sale and you have a hundred interested parties, then you probably have a decent house,” although he has no intention of really getting rid of the branch.

    According to activist Loeb, ESPN’s growth plans are now clear enough for him and he will not continue to push for a split. The Dutch football competitions are also broadcast via ESPN.