Party Animal’s tail fell off in the middle of the show.

    Who is the Party Animal? MTV

    On Saturday night, the performances of the five mystery characters were seen again in the Masked Singer Suomi program.

    Third in line was Party Animal, who performed a song by the Korean band Blackpink Kill This Love.

    In the middle of the energetic performance, a surprising thing happened when the purple wolf figure’s tail fell to the floor.

    Acting as detectives Janne Kataja, Jenni Kokander, Maria Veitola and Christopher Strandberg noticed the betrayal of the outfit right away and horrified the matter out loud. However, the lack of a tail did not hinder Party Animal’s performance.

    When the show ended, the presenter raised Ile Uusivuori bushy tail in his lap.

    – I don’t know how to tell you this, Party Animal, it’s such a mess, maybe I won’t start closing this, Uusivuori says with a sigh.

    Detectives suspected that there was a dancer behind the Party Animal mask Chachi Hildén or a singer Chisu.

    Saturday’s Masked Singer episode can be watched afterwards MTV Katsomo service. The tail drop is visible at 26 minutes.

    On Saturday, Fikkari dropped out of the competition, whose mask was revealed to be an actor Niina Lahtinen. In previous episodes, the chef has fallen Kape Ahinen and a fashion editor Sami Sykkö.

    Masked Singer Finland on Saturdays at 8 pm on MTV and MTV Katsomo. See all TV program information and showtimes in Telku’s TV guide.

    This is how Maria Veitola summed up the plot of the Masked Singer Suomi program in 2020. Elle Nurmi