Diaz the “diez”, little big devil: the Sportweek cover story

Ten is his shirt number, the number of champions. At 23, the Spaniard from Milan is proving he deserves it. Goals like the one against Tottenham go in this direction. The rest is here, in chapters: ten, of course

In the goal scored against Tottenham in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, the most important so far by nose, there is all of Brahim Diaz. The beauty of him – timing, aggressiveness, tenacity, courage – and what he still has to perfect: precision and effectiveness of the touch. Let’s rewind the tape: Theo shoots on goal, Forster shoots between chest and shoulder, Brahim, who has intelligently followed the action, pounces on the ball for a tap-in in mid-air, a few meters from the goal. His shot is blocked by the arm of the goalkeeper already on the ground, the ball rears up almost on the line and Diaz again launches on it, risking a kick in the face from a defender leaning forward in split, to push it into the net head.