It was a beautiful goal from Bergwijn in the first fifteen minutes of the match between Ajax and PSV, but the 24-year-old footballer would rather have seen his club take the Johan Cruijff Scale. Ajax coach Alfred Schreuder would also have liked things to have gone differently, but said he had also seen good things.

    A shitty feeling and a big bummer. This is how Bergwijn describes when he looks back on Ajax’s match against his old club PSV. “Never nice of course if you lose a match.”

    Bergwijn shook the people of Eindhoven awake; he scored the first goal of the game in the 15th minute. “It’s always nice when you score, but it’s about the team of course,” says Bergwijn. “I would rather not have scored a goal and have taken that bowl. This is just a big bummer. Every prize is a prize and we want to take as many prizes as possible.”

    ‘Seen a lot of good things’

    Ajax coach Alfred Schreuder is just as disappointed, but also saw the performance of his players: “Losing and conceding five goals is absolutely not good, we know that too. But I have seen a lot of good things.”

    For example, Schreuder saw how the team from Amsterdam recovered after the break. “Certainly when we made it 2-2, you noticed that we could put pressure on it again.”

    ‘Play for Ajax now’

    Bergwijn, who was at PSV for a long time, had no problem cheering against his old club after his goal. “I just play for Ajax now, so I don’t know why I shouldn’t be allowed to cheer.”