A National Team Coach Stefan Kuntz held a press conference before the Luxembourg match to be played in the UEFA Nations C League.

    Here are the highlights of their statements


    I wanted to continue with that team, with whichever squad I played in the 4 matches we played in May-June. We started to create a book, watched the matches and decided to call these players.

    We want to ensure automation in the squad and on the field. Team spirit is also important. We have a group of players who have found each other. If it weren’t for the injuries, we wouldn’t have changed the squad at all. This is the reason why we didn’t get Salih or other players.

    Together with my assistants, we did not miss any game in the Super League. Emre Belözoğlu, Çağdaş Atan, Jorge Jesus, Ömer Erdoğan… We talked to the coaches and wanted to know if their thoughts were the same.

    The Faroe Islands team has strong and tall players. This was one of the reasons we chose Tolga Cigerci.

    This; not decisions made against a player or a team. Tolga Cigerci is a stronger player in defense. İsmail is one of Turkey’s young players with potential. While we are forming the squad, we think who we can fill better with.

    After the Nations League is over, I can explain our new goals more clearly. We would like to invite you and convey the evaluation of our first year with clearer figures.

    The first priority for me is to finish the UEFA Nations League in the best way possible. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but if we don’t qualify for 2024, this will be our second chance.

    Speaking to the future; We will have 2 matches in 3 days. We will have the opportunity to try new players in November. We will play against strong opponents. We will invite many young players to the squad and see what they can offer.


    There is no difference between last year’s and this year’s Ozan in terms of thought and work. I just went back to a league I knew, and when the results start coming in, I feel better.

    I started the season well in Germany. We had a good preparation period at Hoffenheim. There are people who think I am a good football player, this motivated me. Since I was suitable for the German League, I got through my adaptation process quickly.

    Hopefully, we will continue to win our matches without conceding a goal and we will prove that we do not deserve to be at this level.

    Our teacher set us the goal of leaving the group as the leader without conceding a goal. Fortunately, we achieved this goal. As a defender, this does not put any pressure on us. On the contrary, we are more motivated.