Description of Abdullah Avcı and Orhan Ak from Trabzonspor presidential candidate Ertuğrul Doğan!

Trabzonspor Vice President and presidential candidate Ertuğrul Doğan said that they will work with all their might to bring the club back to good days.

Doğan, who will be the only candidate at the general assembly to be held at the weekend, made statements.

Doğan stated that they will present the final form of the list of the board of directors to the Presidency Board and said, “We enter the General Assembly with one list, let’s leave with one heart. We need solidarity and support more than ever. This is not a job for anyone to do alone.” said.

Emphasizing that they will try to do their part to bring Trabzonspor to both economic and sportive success, Doğan said, “We want to have good days in Trabzonspor, with the whole community in unity. We will work with all our strength for this. We know the situation of the club, we know the solutions. We will come out of this process together, taking into account the recommendations of the boards.” he said.

“I meet with sponsors at least 10 hours a day”

Underlining that Trabzonspor has the potential to create the resources to overcome the economic difficulties it is experiencing, Doğan said:

“No one should worry. We will overcome this debt, which has been announced and has an urgency. We have income-generating works for Trabzonspor. While we solve these problems, we will not compromise on sportive success on the other. The first thing Ertuğrul Doğan will do at the moment is to solve financial issues. I meet with sponsors for at least 10 hours. We receive positive responses from sponsors and I believe we will continue to receive them. Trabzonspor does not fit in anyone’s pocket. This is not something that I or anyone else can handle alone. Most of the money that needed to be paid urgently in the first place was found. Support from the board of directors will be taken.”

Stating that they have been in Trabzonspor for years and that the specific problems of the burgundy-blue club are clear, Doğan said, “We are coming to solve the problems permanently. If we are successful, we will continue, and we will believe that. If we are not, we will pave the way for the club. “After achieving these, we want Trabzonspor to become champions again. Otherwise, success will be temporary success. This city, fans, and community deserve to experience the same things and happiness.” used the phrases.

Noting that Trabzonspor will reduce the staff cost, Doğan said, “Currently, the staff cost is 37-38 million euros. We aim to reduce this cost to 25 million euros.” made the statement.

The subject of the coach will be clarified after the congress

Ertuğrul Doğan said that Abdullah Avcı, who left his position as coach, will return to the burgundy-blue team again, saying, “Neither Abdullah Avcı has such an idea, demand, nor does the management have such an idea. Currently, he continues with Orhan Ak until the general assembly. “The board of directors has not been elected yet. After the congress, the board of directors will decide who the new coach will be in a short time. We will listen to the opinions of all friends about the coach, we will discuss it among ourselves. We will make the right decision for Trabzonspor.” gave the answer.

Emphasizing that Trabzon has football in its genes and that the productivity of the infrastructure has gained greater importance in the current situation, Doğan concluded his words as follows:

“We have worked with the Double Pass company on the infrastructure. We made an agreement with the world’s largest company in this field during the Abdullah Avcı period. The importance of infrastructure is not only valid for Trabzonspor, but for the whole of Turkish football. It is getting more difficult to manage a club with these costs. Points almost do not cover the costs of away travel. We are re-planning the infrastructure. This project will become clear at the end of 2023. We will have demonstrated this work with all its organizations. We are in pursuit of permanent solutions. Of course, we will provide the necessary, correct communication with the public and our fans, but we will do business rather than talking. He needs a lot.”