As of: 09/21/2022 9:46 p.m

    The Kölner Haie clinched their second win in their third game of the season. The hosts struck twice in the first third, but only closed the sack in overtime.

    Coach Uwe Krupp’s team won 3-2 aet (2-0, 0-1, 0-1, 1-0) on Wednesday evening and moved up to fifth place for the time being. Wolfsburg also remained without a win in the second game, but secured their first point.

    Matsumoto uses the first good chance in Cologne

    After almost three minutes, Wolfsburg’s Janik Möser had the first chance of the game, but Haie goalie Mirko Pantkowski closed the short corner. The hosts scored the first goal when Jonathan Matsumoto (4th) pulled into the middle and lobbed the disc over Wolves keeper Justin Pogge’s schooner into the goal. Pogge, who was still on the ice for Cologne last season, was surprisingly preferred to Dustin Strahlmeier at the beginning.

    Wolfsburg became more active, attempts by Trevor Mingoia, Rhett Rakhshani and Tyler Morley missed the Haie goal. Shortly thereafter, Rakhshani dropped from behind goal to the unmarked Spencer Machacek (9′), whose misplaced shot ricocheted off Pantkowski’s chest.

    Thuresson raises outnumbered

    Cologne survived the first Grizzly power play after a stick hit by Matsumoto without any damage. The Haie did better with their first majority and scored their fifth power play goal of the season: Andreas Thuresson (15) hit the right angle from the face-off circle, Louis-Marc Aubry blocked keeper Pogge’s view. Both teams had 17 shots at the end of the first period, but Cologne were much more effective.

    After a quiet start in the second period, Wolfsburg acted too harmlessly in his second power play. The pace remained high, but there were now more inaccuracies in the game on both sides, so that clear scoring chances were initially scarce. After 28 minutes, Cologne’s Ryan Stanton had to come off the ice injured.

    Deserved goal for Wolfsburg

    After a power break, Wolves goalie Pogge defused a powerful shot by David McIntyre (32nd) from the blue line. At the other end, Pantkowski had to stretch after a failed pass from Moritz Müller to clear Jean-Cristophe Beaudin (32nd), who was ready to shoot.

    Wolfsburg stayed on, Laurin Braun (32nd) scored from the hustle and bustle to make it 1-2. Cologne goalkeeper Pantkowski was pressed by Wolfsburg’s Luis Schinko, but the referees gave the goal after checking the video material. Overall, the Haie were too passive in the second period and almost conceded the equaliser, but Pantkowski made a brilliant save when Spencer Machacek (39′) took the ball directly.

    Wolves equalize with four minutes remaining

    In the final section, the Cologne team were better again and concentrated on stabilizing the defence. Nick Baptiste (45th) failed with a one timer at Pogge. Even with a Haie counterattack, which Thuresson (50th) completed from the right face-off circle, Pogge steered the puck over the bar.

    In the 56th minute, after a two-minute penalty against Mark Olver, the Grizzlys again outnumbered them and managed to equalize: After a shot by Dominik Bittner, Dustin Jeffrey (56th) converted the rebound from close range.

    Aubrey decides the game in overtime

    After 31 seconds in extra time, Louis-Marc Aubry decided the game for Cologne when he hit the far corner from the right face-off circle after a pass from Thuresson. “We put up a tough fight. It wasn’t our best game, but good teams find a way to win anyway,” said Aubry after the game at “MagentaSport”.