#deinfluencing here are 10 trends NOT to follow

Su TikTok the hashtag #deinfluencing has over 900 million views: the new social trend is de-influence the public. After years of aggressive marketing to sell and advertise any object and service, especially beauty products and clothes, it is underway a U-turn more sincere and sustainable. The world, especially that of fashion, creates new needs every day, with trends reaching peaks of popularity in a matter of hours. But not all Autumn Winter 2023/24 fashion trends are made to be followed.

Winter trends.  From the leather skirt to the tie, 5 looks to copy immediately

From those that are inconvenient in economic terms and those that are not recommended in terms of style, that’s it 10 fashion trends of season on which NOT invest and why.

Coat (too) oversized, penalizes the silhouette

When approaching important purchases like that of a coat, seasonal trends should be taken with a pinch of salt. To ensure that your overcoat lasts forever, given that it has all the credentials to do so, you must not let yourself be influenced by catwalks. No to exaggeratedly oversized silhouettes, which penalize the figure, and to the eye-catching nuances viral on Instagram. The great classics are purchased by timeless shapes and colors.

Dresses with trains, uncomfortable and impractical

Everyone, at least once, has wanted to go down a long staircase in a dress with a flowing train. The seasonal trends satisfy this fantasy with one long series of fluttering designs, with a long hem and timeless elegance. But at the base of the de-influencing There is a question that arises spontaneously here: Is it really necessary to have one in your wardrobe? A little soul-searching makes the answer obvious.

#deinfluencing: furry shoes, endless styling problems

It is forbidden to define fur shoes as a niche trend seasonal catwalks reigned. From emerging brands to the most well-known and consolidated ones: they are among the most talked about autumn winter 2023/24 fashion trends. Despite the apparent sense of comfort that fake fur brings, these shoes will drive you crazy. From the possibility that they turn into catch-all for the road to styling problems, to the point of looking like a fashion yeti. The game is worth the candle?

From the Rokh FW 23/24 fashion show

Ripped jeans, lack of elegance

Always debated, they are never missing on the catwalk. The ripped jeans you either love them or hate them. Without any particular defects, other than a lack of elegance that makes them too casual, they prove themselves impractical in the face of cold winter temperatures. Given the choice, it is better to invest in a passe-partout palace design or, if you want a denim more refined, those with rhinestone and bead embroidery.

FW 23/24 trends not to follow: ripped jeans. A look from the Coach fashion show

Flashy hats, too theatrical

Anything but simple wool hats: the designers for Autumn Winter 2023 2024 have indulged in proposing hats of all shapes and designs. From fedoras to flat caps, super chic with coats and cozy casual outfits, up to creative digressions that are not exactly versatile. Cowboy hat and models from exaggerated tension: when enough is enough. The desire to add a personal touch to your outfit turns into excessive style detailsometimes theatrical and caricature-like.

Nina Ricci Autumn Winter 2023/24

Patchwork, 1 successful look out of every 10 #deinfluencing

When the designers they don’t know what to do, they put a patch on it. The catwalks were full of patchwork outfits, from the one recreated with denim scraps to the more classic one, which involves mix&match of prints and fantasies. Nice on paper, extremely complicated once you put it into practice, there are few truly successful looks. Better to leave this trend in expert hands and dedicate yourself to something else.

Feathers, from chic to cheap in seconds

The ethereal looks of great Maisons they made all fashion lovers want to sprinkle feathers on them. But the reality of the facts is that the quality and refinement of even the smallest small parts of luxury brands is of the highest level. Once the trend towards common budgets has been reducedthe plumage trend goes from chic to cheap in a matter of seconds.

From Germanier’s show

Y2K fashion, the decline begins

Fashion comes and goes, as do the decades from which it takes inspiration. The last few years have been full of y2k style, which saw some of the most feared garments ever return to wardrobes. From low-waisted jeans to micro tops that proudly show the navel (and more). Although many references to the 2000s have been spotted among the autumn winter 2023/24 proposals, it has officially begun the decline of this trend.

Y2K Fashion of FW 24/24 according to Conner Ives

Silver bag, a trend that will last just one season

Every six months there is an accessory or item that, according to the It-girls on Instagram and the catwalks, it cannot be done without. From the over the top aesthetics, the fate of these trend-meteor it’s always the same: recording an unprecedented peak of popularity and then disappearing in the blink of an eye. For autumn winter 23/34 it is the turn of silver bags. Eye-catching and super viral online, their goal is to get noticed. Certainly fun and capable of revolutionizing the most basic looksHowever, they turn out to be an unsafe investment. This trend’s days are numbered.

Silver it-bag trend: the Coperni fashion show

See-through clothes, no one really wears them

Stars wear them for make people talk about themselves, because that’s what completely transparent clothes are for. If you don’t have a Red Carpet coming up or a dinner so informal that you can show up practically naked, the one for see-through dresses is the most complicated of the autumn winter 2023/24 fashion trends.

Mame Kurogouchi Autumn Winter 2023 2024

What to put underneath? And above? These conceptual designs are best left to those who have entire entourages working on their image.

Not everything that glitters is gold: Some trends can be ignored even by the most avid fashionistas.